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What is an expert roundup?

An expert roundup is an article that features the insights of dozens of industry experts. For an expert roundup, we reach out to hundreds of experts and ask for their insights on a topic of your choice and combine all those insights in an enormous blog post. Once the roundup is completed, we generate a media frenzy which will provide your site with tons of visitors, social shares and backlinks. On the long term, an expert roundup helps your site rank sky-high in the search engines, and helps you build relationships with the experts.

We create your expert roundup in 5 phases

  • Phase 1


    After you told us more about your industry and the question you want to ask the experts, we do our research and more.. come up with enough experts to cover your chosen package. The experts for our roundups are mostly industry experts and topic related bloggers.

  • Phase 2

    First outreach

    The research got us a big list of experts. We send every expert a personalized e-mail, and ask them your question and more.. also ask if they can elaborate their answer. We’re using short and to the point templates to ensure positive responses.

  • Phase 3

    Follow Up

    After about one week, we send the experts that didn’t reply to our first e-mail a ‘reminder email’ to make sure they don’t more.. miss out, and that we get enough experts in the roundup.

  • Phase 4

    Compose roundup

    Now that we have the desired amount of experts, we start combining all the responses in a document, with the syntax of your more.. choice. For each expert, we include the full name, link to the website, a small picture and of course his response.

    We also write an unique ~250 word intro to go along with the post, find a corresponding image, and create a top x results section (based on the votes of the experts). Last we create a menu in which all the experts are listed alphabetical and have a permalink to their insights.

    Add an infographic to your expert roudnup:
    The great thing about infographics is that they make complex ideas clear. An infographic is an great addition to an expert roundup since the results of the roundup can be visually displayed which makes the results more accessible and makes more people want to share the roundup. At additional costs, we can design an infographic based on the outcome of your expert roundup. The creation of an infographic includes us reaching out to niche related website/blog owners to show them the infographic and get even more backlinks and social media shares. Infographics start at $750. Contact us for more information about adding an infographic to your expert roundup.

  • Phase 5

    Final outreach

    After we've composed the expert roundup in phase 5, it's time to publish the expert roundup online. We email all roundup participants and more.. ask if they want to link to the expert roundup, or share it on social media. To date, this always generates at least 1000 unique visitors, 100 social media shares and 5 white-hat backlinks. If your roundup covers a hot topic or if it is aimed at an audience with a high online engagement, then it can even generate thousands of social media shares and dozens of white hat backlinks.

Our achievements

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The bigger the package, the more unique visitors, social media shares and backlinks your site will get!

Small Package


  • Experts: 20+ *
  • Delivery: ~ 4 weeks
  • Including all phases (1 - 5)

Medium Package


  • Experts: 30+ *
  • Delivery: ~ 4-5 weeks
  • Including all phases (1 - 5)

Large Package


  • Experts: 40+ *
  • Delivery: ~ 5-6 weeks
  • Including all phases (1 - 5)

XL Package


  • Experts: 50+ *
  • Delivery: ~ 5-6 weeks
  • Including all phases (1 - 5)

Custom roundups

Contact us if you want us to create an expert roundup with more than 55 experts.

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Welcome to Roundup.Expert. Expert roundups are a great way of getting a lot of eyes on your website and better search enginge rankings for your website. The average expert roundup gets over 1000 unique visitors, 200 social media shares, and around 10 white-hat contextual backlinks. This doesn’t only provide you with thousands of unique visitors, search engines love all those new quality backlinks.

Creating expert roundups is a very satisfying job because time after time, all the blood, sweat and tears result and a lot of engagement on the short term and higher search engine rankings on the long term, which is awesome!

Expert roundups are very effective, but take a lot of time to compose. If you don’t want to waste weeks of your time, hire me to create your expert roundups so you can focus on your core business.

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